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S t. J o h n

Updated 07/21/2020

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Westin Ferry - Can use to go to Red Hook and St Thomas to SHOP!! Flight Status Weather
AMEX Centurion Miami

American Club Miami

American Club Charlot

Resort Information

Westin St John +1 340-693-8000

300B Chocolate Hole
Great Cruz Bay, 00830 Virgin Islands (US)


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Potential Events/Activities   St John Deals
Westin Confirm # 2 3 6 1 6 6  6/23 - 6/27, 2020

Westin Confirm # 2 1 2 3 1 4  6/27 - 7/4, 2020

   11:00a       2:30p
     3:15p       4:00p
    4:45p        6:30p
3 BR Pool Villa Floor Plan    
Outbound  Tuesday June 23, 2020


VC              LGBZLG

TC              TAQESM

ORD - MIA #2298

5:15a - 9:16a

MIA - STT #1186

10:59a - 1:50pp  

Return Saturday July 4, 2020 


VC              XVCQSK

TC              AZMYNC


STT - MIA #1186

3:11p - 6:03p

MIA - ORD #2457

7:45p - 10:04p

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Starfish Market
Moe's Red Hook
Cruz Bay Landing HH 3-5  Good deals
Drink St John
Lime Inn HH 11:30 - 5:30  Don't know what
Longboard HH 3-6  Not great
Banana Deck HH 4:30 - 6:30  $ off
Cafe Roma
High Tide Happy Hour Begins at 3pm
Beach Bar
The Terrace HH 4:30 - 6:30   Not described
Dog House Pub Decent if I remember
Tap & Still Cruz Bay OK I Think
Extra Virgin HH 4-6  1/2 PRICE ??? $2 off? . . . Tapas
Greengos Cantina hh 3-5 $5 Lrg Margaritas . $3 beer
Woody's hh $2 coors lights, $3 Well/Cpt Morgan
XO Bistro HH 11-6  10-2  Plus Daily Specials
Pesce - Red Hook HH 5-8


F l i g h t s Outbound Return
Note:  Vince/Tina Arrive FRIDAY.  Donna SATURDAY.  Annette MONDAY.  We are all on the same flight on Saturday from STT to MIA.  Bill, Marsha, Donna and Annette continue on together toChicago.  Vince and Tina are together back to Detroit.  


Potential Calendar of Events/Activity

Nothing set in stone except car rental.  It's meant to be a relaxing vacation so I won't fret if you want to chill or skip anything. 

Carnival St John 2019


Cruise Ship Schedule SHOPPING?  Need a Cruise Ship or two to make trip to St Thomas worth it.  Otherwise, many stores won't be open.

Friday  6/28 Vince and Tina Arrive Maybe Dinner in Town Staying in Studio for Friday Night
Saturday  6/29 Move to Pool Villa Donna Arrives - Happy Hour in Red Hook and Meet Donna Dinner in Town?
Sunday  6/30 Get Rental Car Dinner Cafe Roma  
Monday  7/1 Annette Arrives Happy Hour in Red Hook and Meet Annette Steak Dinner at Villa
Tuesday  7/2 Morning/Afternoon: Island Tour - LIME OUT(1) Evening: Eat and Trivia at Skinny Legs  
Wednesday  7/3 Return Rental Car Basketball Iwanski/Capodanno(2) Dinner Lime Inn
Thursday  7/4 4:00am Festival J'Ouvert 2019(3)   Fireworks
Friday  7/5 CHILL - Town Closed Maybe Dinner at Villa  
Saturday  7/6 Catch 11:00a Shuttle to Airport    
(1)  Lime Inn opened a swim-up bar in Coral Bay.  Maybe some would want to take to the water for a Taco and Drink.

(2)  They put in a hoop.  I'm bringing a basketball.  Maybe take a cooler to court and play 3 on 3.

(3)  The BIG EVENT on July 4th starts at 4:00am in town.  All the locals actually start partying then and generally make it through the fireworks.  This is why the Island shuts down on July 5th.  Almost all business are closed.









Bill and Marsha Tuesday, June 25, 2019 Saturday, July 6, 2019
  Locator GMIZNX Locator DXYDTA
  AA ORD-CLT   2052 7:19a 10:20a AA STT-MIA   1381 3:39p 6:35p
  AA CLT-STT   1195 11:55a 3:48p AA MIA-ORD   2544 9:38p 11:55p
Vince and Tina Friday, June 28, 2019 Saturday, July 6, 2019
  Locator OAYWRH Locator BEDOGW
  AA DTW-MIA   1020 6:20a 9:21a AA STT-MIA   1381 3:39p 6:35p
  AA MIA-STT   943 10:56a 1:51p AA MIA-DTW   1023 9:51p 12:50a
Donna Saturday, June 29, 2019 Saturday, July 6, 2019
  Locator J7ZJCY ?? Locator DXYDTA
  UA ORD-SJU   1996 7:51a 1:35p AA STT-MIA   1381 3:39p 6:35p
  UA SJU-STT   3550 3:55p 4:30p AA MIA-ORD   2544 9:38p 11:55p
Annette Monday, July 1, 2019 Saturday, July 6, 2019
  Locator MGIJKY Locator AFJTBS
  AA ORD-MIA   2498 6:00a 10:03a AA STT-MIA   1381 3:39p 6:35p
  AA MIA-STT   943 10:56a 1:51p AA MIA-ORD   2544 9:38p 11:55p












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