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 September 6, 2008



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Chicago Tribune Article
"The forgotten confines"
May 15, 2008


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Facts/Figures - West Side Grounds
Sanborn Insurance Maps & Diagrams of West Side Grounds (circa 1917)
What Became of West Side Grounds
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Chicago Sun-Times Story (4/2/2006)
Chicago Cubs Vineline Article (June, 2006)
Poetry in the Park
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Current News/Events

Progress is being made to establish a historical marker  designating the location of the West Side Grounds.  Can you say "Cubs/Sox World Series" again!

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The mission of "The Way Out In Left Field Society" is to promote, explore and discover the hidden, forgotten and eccentric historical places, people and occurrences of baseball and to enjoy the legacy of baseball with other baseball fans that are just as passionate, odd, strange, misguided and peculiar as the people who were considered “way out in left field.




The phrase “way out in left field” has evolved to mean an eccentric, odd, misguided or peculiar statement or act.  Although the origin of the phrase has been challenged and debated over the years, the most logical and realistic explanation comes from an extinct baseball park called West Side Grounds that the Chicago Cubs called home from 1893 to 1915.  As legend has it, a mental hospital called the Neuropsychiatric Institute was located directly behind the left field wall.  The Institute housed mental patients who could be heard making strange and bizarre comments within listening distance of players and fans.  Thus, if someone said that you were “way out in left field,” the person was questioning your sanity and comparing you with a mental patient. 

The Way Out In Left Field Society was formed to place a historical marker in front of 912 S Wood Street in Chicago to commemorate the history of West Side Grounds.  The Chicago Cubs were a very successful organization in the early part of the 20th Century at West Side Grounds where they won four National League Pennants, became the first Major League franchise to win back to back World Series titles, and in 1906 hosted the first intra-urban World Series game against their cross-town rivals the Chicago White Sox.  Our society is committed to honoring the location of West Side Grounds as a historical site so that all citizens as well as baseball fans can take civic pride in the rich history of Chicago baseball.  The Way Out In Left Field Society will continue its effort to preserve the legacy of baseball in Chicago and to establish tribute markers for any other unusual or out of the ordinary places that have had a historical significance to the game of baseball.  Our organization is dedicated to supporting the interests and activities of other baseball fans throughout America who promote the unique and obscure aspects of baseball and display the same enthusiasm and fervor as the people who cheered from the grandstands of West Side Grounds as well as the ones who screamed and hollered from “way out in left field.”